I was just hacked! How do I upload my back up?
(2014-11-11, 01:25 PM)Saint Francis Wrote: I have done so.

But, will these "spook and shade" guy's ever be caught or be looked for or blacklisted by Mybb?

I don't think half a dozen forums could of gave out personal information, like I did. Yeah, i'm an idiot...

How are you aware that this is "spook and shade" that has hacked your forum?
They cleared everything and left a gif banner saying:

"Spook and Shade.... We hate indians!"
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And you don't think someone can post whatever they want? If they posted a banner that said "spork did it", you would be pointing your finger at me?
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(2014-11-11, 01:15 PM)AmatureDJ Wrote:
(2014-11-11, 01:10 PM)Saint Francis Wrote: Can 3rd party plug-ins be found directly through the Mybb Admin cp? The "Browse plugins" section? I get all my plug-ins from there.

One last thing, I noticed yesterday because I am always checking my online users that, all day the same IP was on 24/7 and it was at "unknown location". I did a reverse look up and it was some "Royal Media" bot.

I noticed you have a PayPal donation button, hope you change this password just in case they got your credentials when they logged into the ACP?

(2014-11-11, 01:38 PM)spork985 Wrote: And you don't think someone can post whatever they want? If they posted a banner that said "spork did it", you would be pointing your finger at me?


No. But I would look into it. (Just kidding!) . But , I saw multiple forums yesterday with the same thing like me. This is why I had such a recent database, because I saw these hackings and thought "well what if it happens to me?" , which you know, I woke up this morning and my forum was hacked, exactly like the others.

Maybe it was because I was neglectful and dumb, handed out personal information. But now I know that I can't trust just anybody. The best thing I can do is now do daily database backups and change all my information. Including my serious information like AdminCP and FTP.

I also know now that, I will be now trying to everything mainly by myself using support and tutorials , because I can trust myself.
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Admin / FTP account details should be posted in Private Inquires if it is something serious that needs to be looked at. This way only MyBB staff can view them. I have a security plugin in development on Github.
i suggested to francis on his board to make an annex dumpload board..it is a wise precaution in light of recent hacks. A friend of mine lost his board..but it was a ddos attack..but was able to recover using annex board.
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Do you run Cpanel? Check the logs and see what's going on.
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
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Got hit again ISQL.

Even after upgrading and doing security measures asked my MyBB.

Trying to figure it out.
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the board looks fine to me sf
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