Discuss: MyBB 1.2.3 Released
It's giving me an error!

Quote:Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_banned_ip() in /home/[myusername]/public_html/Forums/global.php on line 363

I edited out my user name from my server account, just in case, since it's not important anyways Wink

EDIT: I re-uploaded the global.php file from the mybb 1.2.2 upgrade .zip file, and now it works. But I'm assuming that could cause other errors?
You didn't upload all the files. You must have missed a few.
Thanks for the release

I have upgraded a couple of forums now, it was quite easy but for some reason I am still getting the board is closed message but the board is set to open in admin

Any help would be gr8
Make sure inc/settings.php is CHMOD 777.
Ah gr8 that worked, thanks Tikitiki

config should be set to 755, correct?
777 or 755 should both work.
Upgrade successfully!
Your running the installer on an upgrade?
i forget to must running upgrade.php not index.php

Chris Boulton Wrote:Please discuss MyBB 1.2.3 Released here.

hi friends,
thanks allot for the 1.2.3 upgrade. iam recently using 1.2.2 , with blue fish theme which interm using some different functions.php and class_templates.php.
while using the 1..2.2 i got internal server error. some of community memebers suggested me the changes in function build theme(),so that i am remain using blue fish theme. so could any one suggest the changes in the functions and class_templates file changes so that i remain using the theme. and still upgraded to 1.2.3
i have attached the files(functions,class_templates) come with bluefish. and changes suggested to functions.php 1.2.2 which i am using. i tried to make portal.php as my indexpage of the website. i got the error invalid argument at line 359... so i tried to upgrade it is not showing the error but the page alignment was completly distorted . how to resolve this . please help me out

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.php   functions.php (Size: 86.09 KB / Downloads: 84)
.php   changed functions.php to work with 1.2.2.php (Size: 86.09 KB / Downloads: 93)

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