Is 1.8.2 have problem
I noticed that 1.8.2 is having some problem, it has a another zip( file inside that script, earlier it was not there. I just downloaded few minutes ago. Has this been compromised too?
There is no zip file called that in the mybb zip.
I checked it by downloading just now - there is no such archive for me in the MyBB 1.8.2 pack
is there a way , i can send that zip file so that team can look, which i downloaded from mybb minutes ago? I again downloaded after rzerox replied, and it did not contain the file earlier i said, but i have a copy of that if you need to take a look. I guess, it definitely contains some malicious codes. I was unable to extract it, i came to know only when i directly uploaded that zip file to my website.
^ you can upload it somewhere (eg. mediafire) and post link in Private Inquiries section

And run file verification tool at tools & maintenance section of admin panel to ensure that files are not changed
I have placed the link there.

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