Solved: 8 Years, 2 Months ago [General] Popup getmore smilies not work and text editor dissapear, after i change theme
Solved: 8 Years, 2 Months ago
hi all, the first, i'll say nice to use mybb, this is my favourit forum engine.
i just silent reader before, and now, i'll try to posting and ask something problem in my mybb.
i was search this problem before, but i always get 1.6 version, like change/add script in headerinclude, but my 1.8 version script is not find it all.
hope u all help me guys, this problem like a title, and ss is like this

[Image: 286x0l5.jpg]

for text editor, i was install sceditor plugin, its work, text editor is showing, but any theme script not working in newthread area.
i think i should use default text editor mybb for perfect theme script.
i glad to ur help me , thanks for care ^_^
Solved: 8 Years, 2 Months ago
which MyBB version you have on the forum and which theme is used on the forum ?
Solved: 8 Years, 2 Months ago
i was upgrade to version 1.8.3 mybb 1 hour ago,
and i use Flat Desire theme
Solved: 8 Years, 2 Months ago
if the forum is upgraded to 1.8.x then themes coded for earlier versions of MyBB do not work.
upgrading guidance Wrote:Visit your Admin Control Panel, then go to Templates & Style > Templates > Find Updated Templates. This will show you a list of all the templates that have changed during the upgrade.

You can either revert these templates to their default - meaning all the changes you've made to it will be removed - or you can see a Diff Report which will show you exactly what's changed. If you have a custom theme installed, it is probably best that you look at the Diff Report and apply the changes you need.

or you can install a new good looking theme compatible for MyBB 1.8 and use it
Solved: 8 Years, 2 Months ago
i see master ^_^
did u have another sollution for this problem?
should i downgrade mybb again to 1.6 , lol
Solved: 8 Years, 2 Months ago
^ oh, No! downgrading is not the solution.

you can try this method => basic theme upgrading - MyBB 1.6 to 1.8

or you may have to hire someone having experience to do the conversion.

it would be better to use a new theme compatible for MyBB 1.8 (as suggested earlier)
Solved: 8 Years, 2 Months ago
i won't downgrade mybb version just because error smilies and text editor
or maybe i'll try another themes 1.8 mybb version, like your suggest.
thank you for your help master, i think this thread has solved
Solved: 8 Years, 2 Months ago
This worked for me

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