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Not Solved How can i make links posted on my forum to be nofollow
Not Solved
I need to make the links posted nofollow on my forum

any help will be appreciated
Not Solved
Nofollow? Can you explain a little more about not following?

Edit: Did a little bit research on it. Try the following:
<a href="" content="nofollow">This is a Link</a>
Hey Everyone I am back! I will slowly be in progression of helping you all with your questions!

Not Solved
I really appreciate your time

Am not sure that code will work on mybb

This is not a bbcode

I want a global nofollow

But the problem is I still want to give dofollow to some links

I really appreciate
Not Solved
try this:
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Not Solved
(2014-11-25, 06:31 AM)mmadhankumar Wrote: try this:

am not sure this is compatible with 1.8
Not Solved
If you are running MyBB 1.8, please post your question in the MyBB 1.8 section, not in the 1.6 support section. Thank you.

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