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Hi. Shy

I'm having to issues with MyBB right now:
the first one is that i'm in the process of developping a forum locally (WAMP) using and upgrade of MyBB from 1.6 to 1.8. What i need to do is remove some checkboxes from the signup form, the user options, post/reply and private messaging forms (And probably in other places), but have their default settings set and stored in some MyBB core file or in the database. I want to know where the default settings for user options, signup preferences, post/reply, private messaging and others are stored so i can edit them to suit my needs.

For example, i want the display of user avatars in their posts to be the default (not the opposite when the box is unchecked), and i want the checkbox itself to be removed from the template so users can't disable/enable it.

The second issue i'm having is that i can't log in using the email method (Either as Admin or Member) even though it is the default method chosen by the admin. That started happening after the upgrade from 1.6 to 1.8.

Thank you so much my friends. Heart

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