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Hi there!,

I wish to use a diffrent theme based on what domain the user visits,

for example i have:

(no, my website is not related to any game whatsoever, just merely an example Smile )

Now I wish to have the default theme on
a diffrent theme for
another diffrent theme for

I do NOT wish a plugin for this,
one of my subdomains is running on a heavy modified version of mybb,
and "" is running on default.

However, they share the same database.
I'd only like to set my subdomain to use a pre-defined theme id instead of loading default theme.

There is a way doing this by making a diffrent mysql-db and syncing &'s DB,
But I prefer not to Smile 

So.. in general,  Is there a way to load up a diffrent theme based on domain-name?

Thank you in advance!
Everything is nothing, With a twist.
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If you can make the subdomains redirect, make it like: > >

Because, subdomains use different folders

Sorry, I'm just a newbie to this.
Hope this answered your question
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No it didn't. Also I don't want to redirect because my subdomain installations are (as stated in first post) modified.
Everything is nothing, With a twist.

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