Not Solved [JavaScript] jQuery not working after upgrade
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upgraded from 1.6.15 to 1.8.3 - upgrade went successful, but now none of jQuery things wont work, collapsing refreshing ajax inferno shoutbox and generaly > all things that require jQuery dont work.

Already deleted prototype.js from headerinclude.
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many templates of earlier used theme need updating

upgrading guidance Wrote:Visit your Admin Control Panel, then go to Templates & Style > Templates > Find Updated Templates. This will show you a list of all the templates that have changed during the upgrade.

You can either revert these templates to their default - meaning all the changes you've made to it will be removed - or you can see a Diff Report which will show you exactly what's changed. If you have a custom theme installed, it is probably best that you look at the Diff Report and apply the changes you need.

or it would be better to use a new theme compatible for MyBB 1.8.x
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along with what's suggested above by .m., please do check for any noconflict scripts in your templates... you dont need one in 1.8....
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