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My forum has an old now unused set of templates that I would like to remove as whenever I run the "Find Updated Templates" option, it returns LOTS of unused ones from my forum and is not possible as such to keep it accurately up to date.  I have removed the old theme which applied to them but there was no option to remove the template set as well. Now I am guessing that they will potentially be removable via FTP client but I cannot identify which directory they reside in and I really don't want to remove the current functioning ones by error.
Any chance of assistance so I can run "Find Updated Templates" successfully in the future?

My site is at :

Thank you!
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if you are referring to MyBB's default stock theme templates then they cannot be removed from admin panel.
they are not available for removal through ftp. with utmost care, they can be removed through database manager
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OK, thank you.  Short of cache management and database optimisation, hunted ACP to no avail for such a database management feature.  Now if I manually edit the SQL database applied on the forum, I can browse to what I believe to be the correct location of "mybb_templatesets" which unsurprisingly, lists the template categories I am referring too.  Now the one I want to remove so that "Find Updated Templates" feature functions correctly again is the first "Default template" set.
Would you suggest should be OK to simply remove this entry or will this have knock on effects?  Guess could backup and try but what do you think first?
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deleting a set of templates from the database requires
deleting corresponding row from templatesets table (single row)
and deleting corresponding templates from the templates table (approx 28 rows in MyBB 1.6.x)

template sets have sid. hovering mouse pointer on the template reveals sid at forum admin panel
based on that sid, you can remove templates from the database

sid --> -2 <= master version of default templates
sid --> 1 <= edited version of default templates
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hmm, the template set I want to remove has an SID of 1 and it is the "default templtes". Now there are BUCKETS of records in "templates" database with an SID of "-2" like you suggested is related to the default template set.
Do I really delete all of them? And does deleting the default templates have a knock on effect to the forum?
Am thinking maybe there's an alternative to deleting these... Is it possible to get the "Find Updated Templates" feature to ignore a set of installed templates? ...not happy messing around with the databases like this...

Just had a thought on this, surely if the "Find Updated Templates" is referring to all the old templates in the unused sets, surely if I apply ALL the changes, that will have no knock on effect to my forum as they are unused and all should be OK without having to remove the old template set at all.

Do you agree?

Thank you

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