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[F] Still e-mail notification after moving post to unallowed category
Today my moderators found a serious problem at my forum.

There is a part of the forum where only moderators and the admin is allowed.
All incorrect topics are moved to that part where we can discuss together about it.
Normal users can't see this part of the forum.

But we found out if a user subscribed to a topic, which is moved to a part where the user isn't allowed, he still get notifications mails.
Because in this mails a part of the message can be seen, some information for between the moderators can become public to some users.

The question is how to fix this.
- So when a user is subscribed to a topic where he isn't allowed, no mails will be sent any longer.
- And when moving a topic to another category where a user hasn't access to the subscription will be stopped.
* Dennis Tsang is working on a fix for this.
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member
This bug has been fixed in the latest code.

Please note the latest code is not live on the site or for download. An update will be released which contains this fix.
Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member

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