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Not Solved How to allow Multiple Avatars for accounts?
Not Solved
Hi, I would like to make the ability for Multiple Avatars, and allow for users to upload & store multiple avatars to their account.

Then if they want to change their avatar, they can select from which ever one they uploaded.

Since I'm learning PHP & MySQL, could someone outline the steps necessary for me to accomplish this? Then I will set out and do it.
Not Solved
Great idea for a plugin - individual avatar galleries!

You would have to start out with something similar to the Avatar Gallery plugin (remember that MyBB 1.8 removed the avatar gallery) which shows a global gallery. You would then need to add code to add additional galleries based on the logged in user and include them in the gallery drop-down list, and a way to display images in the appropriate folder. Sounds like a lot of fun. Good luck!
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I'm actually brand new to creating plugins, and still a beginner in PHP & MySQL. Is there a method or guide to MyBB Plugin Development?
Not Solved
* basic guidance for plugin development
* MyBB plugins & Hooks
* a quick tutorial on making plugins (though this was provided long ago, still helps)

some more similar guidance available on this forum

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