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[For 1.8] Latest Visitors on Profile [for 1.8]
Latest Visitors on Profile is a simple plugin I had done a while back to add a basic latest visitors log and visit counter to the user profiles on your forum. As per a couple of requests, I have finally gotten around to getting this finished and ready for release. Some of the features included with this plugin include:
  • Support for profile visit caching to prevent a single user from rapidly reloading the page to bump their profile statistics.
  • Jquery popup modal to display latest visits, with ajax "load more" functionality.
  • Support for invisible users (invisible users will only show to those who have permissions to view them).
  • Ability to configure how many results display in the popup box, whether users are logged to their own profiles, etc.
  • Ability to clear visit logs and to reset the visitor counter.
  • Ability to "expire" visitor logs to save database space.
  • Ability to configure which usergroups are logged on user profiles.

Note: this plugin requires at least MyBB 1.8.1 to be compatible. If you are using MyBB 1.8.0, please upgrade your installation of MyBB before installing this plugin.

Screenshots: (click for full size)

[Image: s7lO6oV.jpg]

[Image: hJhzAwQ.jpg]

[Image: Mx8sAno.jpg]

[Image: J0TKltp.jpg]

Licensed under the GNU GPL, version 3. Click here for the official github repository for this project. As always, if you have any suggestions, bug reports, feedback, or questions, let me know! Smile
Looks very cool, thank you .
Random Fish and Sims Maniac
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Thanks for this - been looking a while for it.

One question though - is there a template edit required ? Installed and configured, but not showing up in profiles

Thanks again
Hmm, there shouldn't be. The plugin is supposed to make its own template edits upon activation. What theme are you using? Does it work on the default theme?
hi everyone
same problem.
what variable should I add to the member_profile template ?
This isn't working for me :/
Hey, I installed this plugin but there seems to be something wrong with the CSS.

Any chance of you helping me with this?


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