Not Solved [How To?] Unapproved threads visible only to Admins: where to edit it?
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I would like make unapproved threads visible only to Admins (not to Mods), is it possible? And what code I have to edit?

Thank you in advance!
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i believe its available as a permission setting now in 1.8,

ACP >> Users & Groups >> Groups >> Moderators >> Edit User Group >> Moderator CP Tab >> Unchecking Can manage moderator queue? should do what you expect...
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Hi, thank you, but I want to moderate new threads by guests only in specific forums. If I check Moderate new threads? in Edit User Group I'll allow to guests to create new threads in whole forum? 

Arg, my forum will become Spam Forum Big Grin

I would like it only in specific forums (about 6 forums). For this reason I would like to prefer edit permissions only in these forums.

And I think there's a bug Sad

ACP -> Forum and Posts -> Clicked on a my forum of test -> Edit forum settings -> Edit permissions for guests (I want moderate only new threads from guests) and I have checked:


[Image: ofkJhCv.png]


[Image: eQLzMLT.png]


[Image: 8mNjDyb.png]

Save forum

But when i re-check permissions for guests, Moderating -> Can post threads? is again unchecked o_O
And I have also created a test thread as guest, no moderation..thread was just visible to all
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You should save the custom permissions only in the modal (not at the bottom of the page) - yes, it's a bug.

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