Discuss: MyBB Merge System Beta Testing
We have added all the users up to this post who requested they be in the beta test to the beta forum. Please contact Chris if you are not able to view the forum.
Well, I have a big board that I have been looking to convert to MyBB for quite some time.

"Our members have made a total of 472,732 posts
We have 32,590 registered members" (many inactive, maybe I will run a cleanup of members before converting to save resources).. I don't know about the Private Messages, but they should be more than 20,000 too. (my account has 1000+ PMs itself Toungue)

It's IPB 1.3 ... I was about to convert it today using the converter available in modifications section, and saw this topic. So, may I apply for a quick beta please? Possible in the weekend itself (got the free time..).

Edit: Btw, Kindly (and pretty please..) do let me know whether or not I can get access to Beta because I don't have time ahead and may want to go ahead with the converter available in mods section, if I cannot be part of this beta. So, please, do let me know Smile .. Me and my users can do some good testing and that should be helpful to community, hopefully.
would love for the opportunity to test it. I've been itching to convert msgdiscovery's forum, but the converter I wrote doesn't want to work completely...
wow this is cool.. Congratulation..
I hope I can still get in, is there a phpBB converter?

We'll still be accepting beta invites until the beta ends.
Cool, phpBB's kinda irking me
I would love to help test this. I run SMF 1.1.2.
I would like to be a beta tester too please. Have a SMF board to test on Smile
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I would also like to get into the beta. I have a phpbb that I want to migrate into MyBB.

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