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Not Solved [How To?] Willing to pay for downgrade
Not Solved
Well, i can give it try if you want, But make sure to have your database backups, and files as well, in case i mess anything up, so that your forum at least will stay as it was. you can pm me temp. cpanel details, if you want.
Was .m. not able to correct the issue?
Not Solved
Nope, and I'll send you the info later, thanks alot!
Not Solved
Cool, no problems. But i advise you, that you should try yourself to correct the issue, this way you will learn about using mybb yourself, it might be time consuming but worth doing.
Not Solved
Naw, I know nothing about MyBB now but if you don't mind, we can skype/teamview and I watch you do it thru there so I can learn myself as well, how bout that? Big Grin
Not Solved
^ well,
I just given you first adjustment required and asked to check.
did not mean that that would fix the inline moderation issue.

I have to check again
the cause(s) for not working of inline moderation in Default theme

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