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After a successfull merge from SMF 1.1.19 I encoutered 1 major problem: users cannot login, only I CAN login with my settings.

After doing a huge search and tests the only thing that I could think of is an IP problem?

Since the merge all users in the admin have 1 IP address and that's the address from where the merge took place.


When I create a new account other users can login with these settings.

So in short:

- users cannot login with their user settings after the merge
- I CAN login with MY user ettings (so therefore I guess it's an IP issue)
- when creating a new account, everybody can login with these settings

Since we're talking about over 7.000 active users any serious help would be highly appreciated.

Kind regards,

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is login convert plugin added and activated ?
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Also try to use the latest version of the plugin:
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(2014-12-08, 11:20 AM).m. Wrote: is login convert plugin added and activated ?

Yes. V 1.4

Did an update with the latest version. Same problems. User gets this screen. See att.

Filling out this screen doesn't work.

Again, I can login with my personal settings. All other users cannot. I cannot login with other user settings too. IP issue?

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change settings as below and try again

admin panel >> configuration >> settings >> Server and Optimization Options
--> Scrutinize User's IP address? --> select yes & save settings

admin panel >> configuration >> settings >> Login and Registration Options
--> Allowed Login Methods --> select User Name only and save settings
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The IP adress is never used while logging in.

You can login -> the account was created before the merge so the password is hashed in MyBB's way
Old users can't login -> the password is hashed in SMF's way, the loginconvert plugin (should) handle that
New users can login -> the password is hashed in MyBB's way again

So it's an issue with the loginconvert plugin.

Can you try to change the following line
	if($is_sha1 && sha1(strtolower(preg_replace("#\_smf1\.1\_import(\d+)$#i", '', $user['username'])).$password) == $user['passwordconvert'])
	if($is_sha1 && sha1(strtolower(preg_replace("#\_smf1\.1\_import(\d+)$#i", '', $user['username'])).utf8_decode($password)) == $user['passwordconvert'])
and retry it?
Also try to look at the users table of MyBB and look whether the "passwordconvert" column is empty or not.
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First, thnq for your quick responds. For now your tips seemed like it did the trick. But we only tested for 1 user and that worked.

We just contacted another few users to test if they can login. I'll keep you informed.

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