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Hey, this is my first forum so please be kind. LOL

The forum is for wanabee pilots, and all those iintrsted in aviaiton, so, come and visit;

Thanks, Liam
I hate it when i a MyBB with VB themeToungue

Fix the logo so that it has the white from both far edges.. it doesn't look nice like this
The logo needs fixing. Thats all that i see different from any other forum no real own design
i agree, all youve done is install the mybulletin skin, try messing about with the colours, find a skin colour scheme you like and try to implament it on your site, were all here to help that way you can mak it lok unique to your site, anyone can do what youve done, thats where i started and then played around with the css, you cn hae something quite nice within an hour or 2
I would like too keep the site simple, that is why I havent messed about with it, but I have taken youre comments into consideration, and will think about doing it later.
you can still have a simpledesign and make it unique at the same time
Thanks all for youre comments, and as you can see the forum is getting quite busy now, so thank you, I have decided to keep it simple, and once again thanks, for youre replies. Liam

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