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Hey All, anyone know if there's a mod where I can swap what appears under the User Name(Junior Member, Senior Member..etc) with another field of my choice?

No doubt that slot, being right below the User Name, is a really valuable piece of real estate and I would prefer utilizing one of my other fields that would be way more beneficial in helping me to accomplish what my forum is setting out to do.

Thanks in advance,

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you can do it manually. postbit templates consist of {$post['usertitle']} - you can replace it with any other field you need.
if you need a custom profile field then {$post['fidX']} (where X is profile field ID) should work
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I knew that "Templates & Style" tab was there for a reason ;-)

So I found the 'usertitle' field in the postbit template..pretty cool.

And I changed it to 'Building Address' which already appears in the postbit but on the right margin rather than under the User Title.

Unfortunately, all I seem to have done is get rid of the 'usertitle' field as that field is now blank.

Which leads me to believe that 'Building Address' isn't the correct phrase to replace it with even though I had already created it as a custom profile.

You had mentioned "profile field ID"..

Where do I find that or what might I have done incorrectly?

thanks so much,

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from where you get that Building Address ? it might be coming from user profile field - set at user control panel

if so navigate to below location in forum admin panel
admin panel >> configuration >> Custom Profile Fields
hovering mouse pointer on a field name reveals its ID at browser status bar
eg. forumURL/admin/index.php?module=config-profile_fields&action=edit&fid=1
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Thanks for pointing that out to was 4

And I even made the text larger so it stands out more.


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