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[For 1.8] TYL -TopList
I would like to show it in the bottom of the forum in statistics

I'll add such settings option in next plugin version. Wink

New plugin version 1.9.2 is available

  • New settings option to integrate TYL-Toplist into board statistics on index page


Info for custom themes user:
Plugin runs by default with most of custom theme but it's also possible that you have to edit plugin templates for a perfect performance.
Thank you a lot Smile

There's just one problem display on my theme

OK... open in ACP >> Templates & Styles >> Templates >> Square Templates >> TYL-TopList Templates >> tyltoplist_bstats_view and add a colspan="4" into the first <td>


Save changes and then it should work. Wink

Hi, I use G33K- Thank You/Like MyBB Plugin only for Thank you feature in first post (to tell "I won the contest"), with this plugin I can query only the latest threads with ThankYou from users and add it in index page?
Not the most but only the latest winners ("thankyou pressed")

With this plugin you can list the XX most thanked/liked posts. The post dates doesn't matter.

You can use this plugin, but you'll need another db query.
i use tyl-toplist with thank/youlike from eldenroot and works perfectly.

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