Not Solved No forum after merge from phpbb 3.0.12
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I just installed a fresh test MyBB.
I successfully went trough the merge wizard.
In the control panel I can see all my users, forums, posts from phpbb

[Image: 16-12-10.jpg]

But when I view the board as a user I only see the default forum.
Any idea what I need to do to "publish" my merged forums and make them visible?
Even when logged in as admin they are not displayed, so I don't think it's a permissions issue; but we never know.

[Image: 17-12-10.jpg]
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Have you used the latest merge version? Have you run the rebuild & recount tools? Have you rebuild the caches?
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thanks for the prompt answer.
Yes I just downloaded MyBB and the merge tool 30 minutes ago.
I did all the cache rebuild and recounts, but I can do it again.
The weird stuff is that the merged forums are simply not displayed but in the CP.

Here's the report of the merge, it all looked good.

[Image: 17-12-11.jpg]

Weird, when I use the "Lite (Archive) Mode" I can see all my forums and posts.

[Image: 17-12-12.jpg]

More info.... still I'm puzzled.
So I was using the "Lite Mode" to check the data when I noticed the link "View in full mode".
So from one of my forum I clicked on that link and bam I could browse the forum no problem and see all data.
Only when I click in the breadcrumb to the home of the forum I reach again the page where only "My Forum" is displayed

[Image: 17-12-13.jpg]

OK it seems that the root cause is that my top forums do not have any parent and this is why they are not displayed. Via the CP I created a new category called "Root". I then edit the first top level forum (called "General") that was merged with the wizard. I set the "Root" category as parent of "General" and suddenly the forum shows up on the homepage...

[Image: 17-12-14.jpg]
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So this is solved?
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