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What plugin do you call the " BAN IP addresses from your forum you wish starting with IP: 197.8.XX.XX.XX "

Thanks in advance

And also, there are some guy trying to advertise other servers on my forum then when i ban them they changed their IP address via VPN / Hotspot shield / etc. How do i avoid that? Thanks!
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use .htaccess file for denying ip.
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you dont need a plugin....

ACP >> Configuration >> Banning >> Ban an IP Address >> enter the range you want to ban

however banning a range of IPs is not a good idea imo...
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(2014-12-19, 01:33 PM)new1 Wrote: use .htaccess file for denying ip.

Only issue I have that with this you ban them directly from the webpage. If you have another site; such as, a contact page or something they can't reply too you. This is only good if you're trying to ban bots.
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Does MyBB's IP banning work with CIDR addresses?

Banning ranges like this seems flawed: 197.8.*.*

Because in a lot of cases, 1 specific range such as - could be owned by a specific Internet Service Provider, while a separate range such as - could be owned by another or even by data centers.

I want to block Data Centers for sure to reduce the usage of proxies & spammers.

I'm not using MyBB's IP banning because of that, it only specifies using asterisks. So I personally stick to using either the .HTACCESS Allow/Deny or the server's firewall.

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