[Duplicate] 1.8.3 backslash in smilie text breaks editor
We installed 1.8.0 a few days ago but I only got to doing the upgrades this morning.  We are now on 1.8.3.

We noticed this in 1.8.0 and they issue is still there in 1.8.3

In a nutshell: my admin added :\ and :-\ options to the "undecided" smilie i.e. backslash options as well as the more usual forward slash.  After doing this we observed that the formatting buttons disappeared from the editor and the ability to add a smilie to the text by clicking its image no longer worked.

Looks to me like the smilie text isn't being properly escaped.

We use MySQL.
Already reported and will be fixed in 1.8.4: https://github.com/mybb/mybb/issues/1453

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