Maintaining Plugins Across Versions (1.6 - 1.8)
(2015-01-05, 01:37 AM)frostschutz Wrote: If someone's happy to use old MyBB, they should be happy to use old plugins as well.

Great way to put it. I'm not a major plugin dev or anything, but the way I see it is if someone wants to pay money to privately have a plugin made/supported for 1.6 then that's fine, but otherwise anything I do is 1.8+ from now on.
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(2014-12-25, 09:34 PM)Jones H Wrote: I've stopped maintaining 1.6 with beta 3 - nearly all of my plugins worked with some small changes with both versions. However they didn't used newly added stuff (like global_intermediate or new setting types). ATM I'm updating those plugins to make use of the new stuff which will completely break 1.6 support.

What are the new setting types?
Numeric fields are new. I think forumselect and groupselect are also new in 1.8.
Jep - numeric, groupselect and forumselect were added.
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I do plan to update my plugins to keep working on both version if possible but support is only given to 1.8. So if a bug is found in 1.6 but not 1.8 and it is not a simple fix for 1.6 I wouldn't bother.

This means any new plugin I release/code will be 1.8 only of course.
I update all my plugins to work with 1.8.x series only but i have versions for 1.6.x too and are stable releases too so i bring support to both versions because i think some people use old versions yet like 1.4.x series maybe or 1.2.x i dunno but i only know MyBB since 1.6.x series and i think i can do some for people on this latest releases if i can. But it's better for me to update plugins with more improvements and code changes because with 1.8.x series i can do more like 1.6.x series, only for that reason i have more for new series like old ones.

But every user can select or use the version they want as programmers could be done all codes in versions they want too Big Grin
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