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how i can make this possible for working in the board statics where the birthday and stuff like that will be in?

i have made a thing from phpbb cause i love that more then the mybb one but i need a bit help with it. can someone edit my code here and help me with it.

Who is ONLINE:
In total there are (0) users online, (0) registered and (0) guests (based on users active over the past automatic minutes)
Most users ever online was (0) on Day Month, Year Time.

Users Online: {username},{username},{username}

Birthday: {username},{username},{username}


Total posts (0) • Total topics(0)• Total members(0)• Our newest member Wazzyl
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^ as you know, all above are internal features of MyBB.
do you want to show them in a different manner ? that is possible by changing language strings & a couple of templates
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yeah i want to change them like the mybb board stats, if thats possible?
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just check how your above requirement can be displayed from below clues

$l['online_note'] = "{1} {2} active in the past {3} minutes ({4} {5}, {6} of whom {7} invisible, and {8} {9}).";
$l['stats_mostonline'] = "The most users online at one time was {1} on {2} at {3}";
$l['todays_birthdays'] = "Today's Birthdays";
$l['stats_posts_threads'] = "Our members have made a total of {1} posts in {2} threads.";
$l['stats_numusers'] = "We currently have {1} members registered.";
$l['stats_newestuser'] = "Please welcome our newest member, <b>{1}</b>";

index_boardstats template

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index_birthdays, index_birthdays_birthday, index_boardstats
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