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Not Solved Changing Forum Text color
Not Solved
Hello there
I am trying to chhange the font color on my forum with the theme I have applied. I am not sure where you have to go in theme or templates to change the font color for the whole board right now its in white which works but for some of the notifications like a new pm the white is on a yellow & you can't read the msg.

Where would I go to change this?

My issue was not resolved and I have closed down this site please close thread!
Not Solved
Solution here :
[Image: 728x90_2line.gif]   [Image: ed1c4a67.jpg]
Not Solved
That did not help. that is only trying to change one section of the forum I am trying to change all the text everywhere.
What I am trying to fix is the notification bar, the text is white & on yellow you can't read it.

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