MyBB Ideas Site Launches
Today we're launching the MyBB Ideas site which allows you guys to submit ideas and suggestions for MyBB and everyone else to vote on those ideas. The ideas site is similar to Yahoo! Suggestions and WordPress' Ideas in that after an idea has been suggested users can vote on it.

The ideas site is being launched to assist us in seeing the direction for future MyBB releases, what features you want the most and what features you don't like. We'll constantly be reviewing the ideas site and discussing the ideas you suggest as well as deciding if they'll make it in to a future version of MyBB or not.

Please note that only reasonable ideas will be included in MyBB - an arcade or shoutbox for example, which are of little use to our entire target audience will not be included in MyBB by default.

You can login to the ideas site using the existing username and password you use here.

MyBB is primarily about what you want in the application - we look forward to seeing your input.

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