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Murray, thanks so much for the reply. I have tried to play around with this for hours. and i am stuck. i can't even figure out where to add those hooks. What file do I put them in? Do i need to create my own plugin file?

And i also don't know which files to modify for rpgcharlist (do i modify PHP files or do this all through the admin area?)

Thanks so much for as much detail as you can give. i am going to mock up exactly what i am trying to do, just so i am clear.

When a user goes to make a new post i want to have two buttons on the left that say "add this text to the post" so the user can fill it in with their info.

after click the text would be placed in the window on the right and user could fill in their name, address, etc

Thanks SO much!
Well, yes, if you want to build a plugin you need a plugin file - otherwise you just have… nothing!? You should really have a look into the example plugin!

In the top you can add the hooks like this:
$plugins->add_hook("newthread_start", "rpgchar_createlist");

This command means that the function "rpgchar_createlist" is called when mybb passes the "newthread_start" hook. After that you need to write the function, e.g.:
function rpgchar_createlist() {…}

In this function I access the global variable $rpgcharlist:
global $rpgcharlist
$rpgcharlist = "<option type='button'>foo bar</option>";

So after that I have a global variable with the wanted HTML code. Now you can put "{$rpgcharlist}" in the template (e.g. "newthread") to access the global variable from this template and show the HTML piece at this position.

Hope that helps, otherwise I would suggest you to get some easy/similar/simple plugins and try to read and understand the code, that helped me a lot to understand the system.
i manage add the buttons tho editor but i still have a problem with Mycode

i want add mycode to editor not in source mode

for example :

[mycode]my variable[/mycode]

thanks for help Heart
You mean you want to hide the "[mycode]"-Tags? Sorry, can't help there, I guess you need to modify the JavaScript text editor for that.

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