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How do I  get ALTERNATING colors in topic view ?

See attached images, I am able to get ALTERNATING COLOR on (IMAGE1) = FORUM LIST, TOPICLIST, but  not on (IMAGE2) = TOPIC VIEW / SHOWPOST

In 1.6 all I  had to do was  add my colors in .trow1  and .trow 2 and the whole board would have ALT colors.
Not so in 1.8 .....

How do I accomplish ALTERNATING COLORS for POSTS baackground ?


[Image: My_BB_topics.png]

IMAGE 2  ( odd numbered posts like 1 and 3 should/would have SAME BACKGROUND on posts , while even numbered posts like post 4 would /should have same background as  post 2)

[Image: My_BB_posts.png]

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There are css classes trow1 & trow2 to define different row styles.
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Use {$altbg} in any postbit template to alternate the trow1/trow2 class.
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