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[For 1.8] iGame 1.8.23 (Dark transparent skin)
Just so you know. one or two might not have any classes in templates as it's a default base theme with edits i work from.

Also i just noticed i forgot to update the themes images name in the xml if you go to iGame theme and scroll down where you change the logo and image folder name. (i'll update the zip now)
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Very nice theme - ThankYou!

You should add to new.css
div.theme, div.language {
    display: inline-block;

before =>    

after =>    
Thanks, I assumed it would use the default language and theme selector css as it's default code.

Updated the zip now.
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Nice looking theme

here a tip: i liked the sidebars you made on the revolution theme . its a good idea (i think) to add them in this theme (igame). to

btw i already made a sidebar for TS3 viewer and latest post.

Keep up the good work!

MrNerdy Quietly Brilliant
the quick login registration link is redirecting to a different website. This may be my fault but I can't find it to fix it. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Love the theme by the way Big Grin

[Image: Regbutton.jpg]
Go to ACP >> Templates& Styles >> Templates >> igame Templates and open the template "header_welcomeblock_guest" to edit

<a class="button2" href="">Register an account</a></div>

replace with:
<a class="button2" href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/member.php?action=register">Register an account</a></div>

Save template changes and try it. Wink
i am having trouble with the theme for some reason the header is messed up and cant find the reason why its doing so im running mybb1.8 if you can let me know on a fix if possible

link to my site you can change the theme to igame at bottom

[Image: Z5fYMwC.png]

Edit never mind fixed it i turned of Minify Stylesheets? and it worked for some reason i tried this earlier but it didn't work anyway problem solved
What have you edited? Try this updated zip file (Thanks to SvePu) let me know if it works?
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(2015-01-11, 02:04 AM)iAndrew Wrote: What have you edited? Try this updated zip file (Thanks to SvePu)  let me know if it works?
i managed to sort out the problem i tried what another user posted and turned off minify stylesheets and it worked but when i tried it earlier it did not work but all is well now
no I did not fixed the problem in that package.

I found it now . Wink
You have to edit the igame css file new.css.

Go in ACP to Templates& Styles >> Themes >> igame and open the new.css to edit.

Search for css selector "#menu5 li a" and change

voice-family: "\";


voice-family: female;

Save changes and try. Wink


I have updated the package now =>

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