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[For 1.8] iGame 1.8.23 (Dark transparent skin)
Guys soon i will be forced to change the theme on my forum as i can't use like this any tip will help
^ can't offer any help as your forum is not loading for me.
tried at least thrice at different times !
Please see the picture attached it should work at the moment  have a working theme please change the theme from the buttom of the page to "igame"

<-- removed long data uri -->
Nice data URI Big Grin
I can not delete threads with this theme.
Does anyone know what is due, who has moderation templates, does someone have a solution?(
already solve a problem in moderation logs)
Got the same issue at the moment also unable to login.

That will help your issues with inline moderation Smile

I'm still looking for help regarding the modal box for logins whilst using bootstrap 4
Hopefully this hasn't been asked before (i did try searching)...

How do you change the colour of the Header and Footer in the igame theme?

This is probably the same way as with any theme but i'm struggling to figure out where the Header and Footer background colour is set. I'm probably going to buy the responsive version as i really like the theme but i'm playing about with making alternative colour schemes on the free version at the moment.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks
Updated for 1.8.17 in the first post and on the extend site.
[Image: sig2.jpg]
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
thanks for updating it

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