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[For 1.8] iGame 1.8.7 (Dark transparent skin)
iGame - updated for 1.8.7. [Not responsive]

[Image: index.png]

This is a total rewrite with cleaner code
Updated menus, profiles, showthread, forumdisplay and portal.
Updated FontAwesome to latest version
Added animate.css for a couple things
Added a sticky menu in header for on scroll
Changed text based logoback to an image logo

Download exta blurred backgrounds


Sticky menu:




Header social links can be changed in

Templates > iGame> Header Templates > Header


Footer links can be changed in

Templates > iGame > Header Templates > Footer

Report any bugs here and i'll help you get it sorted. Also please leave my copyright in the footer intact.

[Image: sig.png]
Looks really great, your themes keep getting better and better, congratulations!
[Image: thfsig1.png]
Thanks, ignore the weird footer half way being up. just my full screen screen capture causing it.

I'll try get some clearer previews up later.
[Image: sig.png]
Nice one. Wink
Nice theme Smile
nice one iAndrew
nice color choosing, it fits good and easy on the eyes
Andrew, this is AMAZING! You're such a talented designer Big Grin
Header seems borked here.

[Image: KjAMDwj.png]

with dev #1 from mybb, in ff 34 and 36dev
Working fine for me, whats your forum url so i can test?
[Image: sig.png]
(01-09-2015, 10:03 PM)iAndrew Wrote: Working fine for me, whats your forum url so i can test?

I'm only testing locally on my 'testbed' server, It may well be a plugin I'm using (it's cluttered as hell).
I'm starting a fresh build this weekend so will test again on a clean 1.8.3.

I checked new.css and saw a .menub so removed the b, because why not, and it's... semi-fixed.  The top menu is there now.

edit; removing the B in Inspect Element in firefox then putting it back fixes it... but for some reason loading the actual (identical) CSS is borking for me... I'll report back when i've tested on a clean setup

edit2; for some reason on pageload it only loads 6 of the 57 rules in new.css

edit3; okay, firefox displays all CSS not just whats loaded, chrome displayed an error and the css just ending after 6 rules and it looked like it wasn't minifying correctly.
Disabled MyBB's minifying option, fixed.

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