Count Forum Viewers (Problem)
No that doesn't cause any problem.. probably before you were just using wrong plugin file or some files were different.
hi Smile
i'm willing to continue! please help Smile
i think i have the same problem. it's always showing up as 0.
thanks Smile
hm..i think i got it to work. one question though.
it only shows how many are viewing if they are viewing the INDEX of a thread? but not a topic within that thread?
Yes the version till now doesn't show who are reading threads inside this forum. I MUST include this in any coming version.
hi, just a status check.
has this been updated yet? i really really want this mod to count ALL viewers (even the ones reading the threads, not just the body)

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Why with this plugin, if I see a thread of a section of the forum, the voice "viewers" is not visible. I want that if a user is looking a thread of a section, in index of the forum the conter of the forum viewers increase, is possible?

that was the original issue.
we'r still waiting for an update Smile
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MadamZuZu Wrote:that was the original issue.
we'r still waiting for an update Smile

Than I will attend the new version of the plugin. How many time is necessary to attend?

hi zaher1998

i want change your plugin for show users are in the post in froum
let me ?

i can add a query for detemined users in the low froum
in database i have a "fid" in "location1 "
if with this "fid" go to other tabel and get "parentlist " value

please see this code and say your idea about it

	$fh = fopen(MYBB_ROOT.'/inc/functions_forumlist.php', "r") or cperror("Could not open file!"); //OPEN FILE
	$data = fread($fh, filesize(MYBB_ROOT.'/inc/functions_forumlist.php')) or cperror("Could not read file!"); //MAKE TEMPORARY STRING
	fclose($fh); //CLOSE FILE AGAIN
	$newdata = preg_replace('#'.preg_quote('
					global $db;
					$timecut = time() - $mybb->settings[\'wolcutoff\'];

// i add this code from here for determined user in post

                    $query = $db->query("SELECT parentlist FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."forums WHERE fid=\'".$forum[\'fid\']."\'");
					if ($parent1 = $db->fetch_array($query)) 
					$rr = $parent1[parentlist];

                    $n = substr_count($rr,',');

                    $rrr = explode(",", $rrr);

					for ($t =0; $t <= 2; $t += 1)
                    $total1[$t] = 0;
					$query = $db->query("SELECT uid FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."sessions WHERE time>\'$timecut\' AND location1=\'".$rrr[$t]."\'");	
					$total1[$t] = mysql_num_rows($query);

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zaher1988, about this mod.
when i installed it, it flood my forum header with about 10 + warning messages. do you have any solution to stop it?
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