Advanced Plugin Development Guide
This guide will teach you some of the more advanced techniques creating plugins.  You should already understand PHP, SQL, and a little bit about plugins.

Topics Covered:
  • $mybb->get_input
  • New Setting Types
  • Pagination
  • Custom Pages
  • Custom Online Locations
  • Creating new Admin Modules
  • Custom Admin Log Entries
  • Making your plugin work with Permission Viewer

Suggestions are welcome.
(2015-01-18, 04:08 PM)dragonexpert Wrote: Suggestions are welcome.

It could be moved to our official documentation, which lacks content.
This has helped me quite a bit. Used 2 of the new 1.8 settings (groupselect and numeric) in my plugin. Thanks!
Its very usefull  Cool

helped a lot to clarify and implement to Creating a new Admin Module.
I learn a little more MyBB...

Thanks, so Much!
Bump for a really helpful guide!
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