Not Solved How to reduce header size in "Square" theme?
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If needed, my forum is here:

Upgraded to myBB 1.8...which broke my old I downloaded / installed the new "Square" theme.

The blue band at the top takes up a LOT of space.

How can I shrink this way, way down?

I tried to access the theme-maker's tech support but the link goes to a dead-end 404 that is why I am asking for help here.

Respect, appreciation, and thanks to all of you who have created and who support myBB.  Very well done!
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in square.css inline 124

height: 200px;
min-width: 1024px
edit whatever u want
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I REALLY appreciate your speedy response...and please bear with me...

Okay...I found square.css in my install here: /MarriedAndHappy/Forum/jscripts/sceditor/editor_themes

But, when I open it up to edit it, I cannot find "200x" nor "min-width" in the file.

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Admin CP -> Themes -> Square -> Global.css

[Image: logo.png]
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Thanks NR...that's easier to get to than trying to edit the actual file.

Now, which "selector" do I use to edit the header height?

I recognize and appreciate that you tech guys and gals are helping and supporting a lot of people. Thanks so much for all you do.

And, I am still looking for help on precisely where I can reduce the height values of the blue-header band that is displayed at the top of the "Square" theme.

Okay, I have found where the pixel setting is located:

Home » Themes » Square » Editing Square.css » Selector(#heading)

By default, the heading is set at 200px.  I want it to be 50px.

Here is how the header looks at 200px (and everything is positioned properly).

[Image: delme200px.JPG]

Here is how it looks at 100px.

[Image: delme100px.JPG]

Here is how it looks at 50px.

[Image: delme50px.JPG]

As you can see on the right-hand side, as I decrease the header downward from 200px, the quick links, the user-welcome, and so on are no longer positioned properly.

So, my question is, what do I need to adjust / fix in order to have a header that is 50px and have everything positioned properly?

Respect and appreciation to all of you who are supporting and helping people like me.
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in ACP >> Themes >> Square >> Global.css make following changes....

1. for #header change the height to 50px -- "height: 50px;"
2. for .menu remove "margin: 75px 0 0 0;"
3. for .menu ul li change height and line-height --- "height: 50px;" "line-height: 25px;"

save it and open your forums and hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) the page
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Thanks so much mmadhankumar!

I really appreciate the detail that you provided.

This gave me exactly what I wanted.

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