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I'm hoping someone can help me, I installed the Ajax Multiple Upload Attachment plugin and I've noticed a problem when creating new threads, sometimes the attachment list will list attachments that were uploaded in previous threads. The attachments listed aren't shown once the thread has been created but I'm concerned about them being shown while creating a new thread.

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?

Thanks for your time.
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I've had a similar issue. No idea how to fix.

Also, what seems to happen is the uploader seems to duplicate uploads in the editor - very annoying.

Once the post is made, however, the duplicates disappear.

Very frustrating for my users.

Because of this, the plugin is not usable.
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It does appear to be quite unstable which is annoying given how tedious it is using the default mybb uploader. Currently I only enable the plugin when I need to upload more than a few files, but I'm worried about a possible attachment corruption (the file names are being grabbed from somewhere).

I spent an afternoon using different forum software and I was surprised to find that some of the small forums have a better uploader than mybb, one being XMB  Big Grin , its not an ajax uploader but it does allow multiple files. Phpbb has by far the best upoader and it works perfectly, the downside is the rest of the software doesn't appear to compete with mybb. Apparently mybb will have a new uploader in version 2, but I've seen threads from 6 years ago talking about mybb2.  Toungue  I really hope the developers add a new uploader soon, in today's world people love sharing photos and hobby based forums are a place meant for discussion/sharing.

Two more issues I've found with Ajax Multiple Upload Attachment 1.4:

1: Two files with the same name and different extensions cannot be uploaded (abc1.png - abc1.jpg). When using the default uploader this isn't a problem.

2: Only 20 files can be uploaded at once, this isn't a big problem as the thread can be edited and more files can be added, plus there isn't often a need to upload so many files.
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Thank you Smile
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How far are you with finishing this plugin to use it.
Ther have been several bugs and i did not try it yet, i am looking longer time for a multiattach plugin like this but only want to install it when it is working 100%

anybody an idea??
enjoy the day
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Hi all,

I think that problem is with query string in uploadpanel(). It should be:

SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."attachments WHERE posthash='$posthash'

insted of

SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."attachments WHERE pid='$posthash'

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