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Welcome to my service thread.  To receive any of these services, your forum must be compliant with the Support Eligibility Policy.  All prices listed are in US Dollars.  Payment is done over Paypal; I will not accept any other form of payment.  I will do requests as fast as I can, but realize that I have a life too.  Prices may change without notice, however, you will pay whatever the price was at the time you post or private message me.  Links will take you to Paypal automatically for your convenience.

Flat Rate Services:
- Installation of the latest version of MyBB. $5

- Upgrading to the latest version of MyBB in the series you are running. For example 1.6.x to 1.6.16, but not 1.6.x to 1.8.x. You are responsible for downloading a backup of your database and files prior to me upgrading your forum. $5

- Installation of a theme / plugin. You must provide the zip file if the theme / plugin is not available on the Mods Site. If your PHP Version is not compatible with the plugin, I will let you know. This means you must have PHP 5.4 or higher if you want to use DVZ Shoutbox for example. $5

- Changing the table prefix in all forum tables. $5

- Converting tables to Innodb.  Note that if you do not have MySQL 5.6 or higher you will need to indicate if you are willing to give up the ability to use FULL TEXT searches.  $5

- Upgrade a forum from the 1.6 series to the latest 1.8 series.  You are responsible for backing up your files and database before I perform the task.  Default theme will be used unless specifically specified otherwise due to how many template changes occur between the 1.6 and 1.8 series.$10

- Give feedback about your MyBB forum.  This not only includes layout, but also how your forum is organized, rules for members ( and staff if you wish for me to examine the staff rules. )  $5

- Move website from one host to a different one.  $10  This includes:
  • Discussing a new host if you do not have one selected yet.
  • Moving all files to the new host.
  • Transferring database(s) to the new host.
  • Updating the DNS records.
  • Being able to message in real time on either Facebook or Discord during the entire process.

Premium Plugins
If you would like to demo any of these before purchasing, please ask. These are all compatible with the 1.8 series. Updates are free of charge.  If the price changes to a higher price from when you purchased it, you do not need to pay the higher price.  Consider it the early bird discount. If you would like to demo any plugins, you can access a demo forum here: https://teamdimensional.net/testforums/

- Theme Variables[Premium]: Create variables for your theme. Regex is allowed, can detect mobile browser and more. Demo is available. $10

- Dice Roller: Lets you create and edit dice.  Ability to control which forums it can be used in.  Setting for max rolls per post. Demo is available. $10

- Admin Theme Permissions: Place restrictions on what themes and template sets admins can edit. More features may be added.  $25

- Easy Templates: Gain the ability to edit all templates in a template group at one time.  Very helpful for designers.  If you have the Admin Theme Permissions Plugin installed, it respects the templates you have restricted. Demo is available. $15

Hourly Rate Services:
- Custom Plugins.  You will describe what your needs are, I will look over your needs, ask any questions I have such as features you may wish to have that didn't think about.  Price is based on the approximate number of hours I anticipate the plugin to take, minimum 1 hour.  The plugin may be uploaded to the mods site for anyone to download or added to Premium Plugins section. Additional fee if you do not want it to be redistributed. $20 / hour, minimum 1 hour.

-Modify Existing Plugin: You must have permission from the original author of the plugin you would like modified.  Proof must be provided by having the plugin author pm me. You are not allowed to redistribute the modified plugin to the public without permission from the original author. $20 / hour, minimum 1 hour.

-Create a custom PHP Page:  The page integrates with the forum and does what you would like it to.  I do not integrate with social media, Wordpress, or payment gateways at this time.  $20 / hour minimum 1 hour.

-Speed Up Forum: I analyze your database structure and optimize it for MyBB.  Look over Forum Settings to be sure they are set up for high speed.  Install my Fast Search Plugin ( optional, but recommended for forums with several thousand posts. ) Any changes made will be documented to you.  Please note that Javascript files can't be below the fold or features will start breaking. $20 / hour

Do Not Request These:
- Integrate Payment Gateways.
- Social Media integrations other than Discord.

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Quotes will be sent via Private Messages so please make sure you have them enabled.  Need something I don't offer?  Just ask and I will let you know if it is within my scope.
Hello bro, I need lots of custom work for which I am willing to pay. I am adding you via skype, so we can discuss it out. It includes adjusting / molding some plugins and also so new features in it. I am asking for adjusting already made plugins so that it should be a less of work for you. Or what ever you feel appropriate, we will discuss it.
In case you think I have helped you, do not forget to add +rep.

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I am temporarily closing my services until March 9. I'm going on vacation in a few days and want a couple days to get back into things before continuing web services.
I am back open for business.
Im new to my bb and wondered if you can help me install some plugins pls
I'm currently assisting another person, but once I'm done helping them I can.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I wonder if u still doing this.
(2016-11-14, 02:39 AM)realt3k Wrote: I wonder if u still doing this.

Yes I am. I am taking next week off from requests though because I have to work a lot more hours than I normally do.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
i have added you on skype please accept when you are online and let me know if u agree to do the job with payment after i see the forum from ur hosting like i want.

we can deal the price before ofc
The site I host is no longer active, but I use it as testing ground for plugin creation. It has 63,000 posts.

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