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[WIP] Whisper
I've picked up an old theme project I wanted to keep secret and personal but I am willing to finish it and publish it, however I'm not sure how many users would buy it and how much it would be worth, as I would like to sell it to earn some extra money and allow myself to maintain my studies easier than the past semester, in which I struggled a bit economically speaking.

The theme is called Whisper and you can see some previews below.
The following is a preliminary feature list which comes among with the theme:
  • Ajaxify support: a plugin I'm going to release afterwards which turns the ACP into a fully AJAX powered site. Navigation becomes faster and smoother, every link is loaded without refreshing the page. Forms are automatically submitted and a jGrowl notification kicks in instead of the usual flash message. Never lose time again reordering forums or banning users
  • CSS3 transition support
  • jGrowl notifications redesigned and enhanced
Feedbacks are obviously needed and appreciated. Also, I would like to know how much would you spend on this when it's available. Thank you.
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
Looks like your site Big Grin
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I honestly don't know what i would pay. I'd say something between £5-10?. It's one nice Admin theme and if you release it i'll be buying it for sure.
I am doubtful too, that's why I'm asking you guys to help me put a price on it. Thank you for your interest in Whisper.
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
Bump, I'm really in the need of opinions and suggestions about the price.
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
i would do for the template 15 dollars cause it looks nice, but also weird.. its new and need to be introduced to new people on mybb.

but your theme looks sick man, keep the work going!
What about the extra features? Ajaxify is really cool and powerful I must say. I will show you a demo shortly. Not that 15$ looks too low to me but I really would like to see as many opinions as possible.
[Image: fSGNVQj.png]
it sounds maybe strange but have you seen the interface of phpbb? Maybe you can make something new with the mybb admin, so even the mybb crew will like it more Smile

and i have to tell you it still looks sick, and yeah the price is low so maybe 50 dollars is a good way!
@Shade - An ACP theme is really candy; you don't actually NEED it - its visible to maybe 4 people on an average board, so it falls into the "money to spare" bracket.

Of course, the MyBB economy is like prison; the value of things adjusts to the available cash. So as there are many users who have a very limited amount to spend this means the prices you can ask are often low compared to the actual manhours spent on making it/its real world value outside the special economy.

I think if you sold the theme AND the admin panel as a pair that is a 40 dollar combo in this market; alternatively, try selling the whole package as an exclusive custom theme; in that scenario I would be hoping for 200 dollars plus.

To put it in perspective; if that was for a paid system like XenForo with themes for ACP and front end - 80 dollars, reselling to multiple users. Minimum. As a one off custom set? 600 plus.
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Those are crazy prices for me, I do this just for "fun" not as a work. That's why I'm asking for feedbacks and suggestions from the community, as I have no idea how much would someone pay for something like this. Thank you for your input Leefish anyway Smile
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