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Not Solved [Performance] Nothing happens when you register.
Not Solved
The template member_register is where Full edit was the only option I had before testing out an edit with no replace option.

The Stylesheet is where I had made changes before, hence the question on Stylesheet possibly causing it.
Not Solved
Good morning Smile .
How did you make the changes in cookie settings. By editing the inc/settings.php file or through the AdminCP->Configuration->Site Details?
Check that they are identical!!!

I cannot think of changes in style sheets that can cause this kind of problems. You can make a mess of your screen output, but changing the program flow??? But maybe I'm simply not experiences enough, my programming roots are from ancient times. Wink

Can you switch-off the captcha, there has been problems with it. Besides, the text field is not readable and the strange thing is that the boundary does not turn green when the answer is correct.
Regards, Ad Bakker (NL)
Not Solved
I've been doing it in AdminCP.

settings.php is being updated when I make a change there. Both are the same. Captcha turned off, still does the same thing.

Since I can log-in and out just fine, I'm guessing the cookie settings are correct (Cookie Prefix and Cookie Domain are blank with '/~site1337/' in Cookie Path), and it's probably from being at an IP address, having a ~ in there, or from using the default registration form.

I'll try messing with the form, as I planed to make it a one page registration, with just the Account Details part showing and a link to the Registration Agreement.

The text field is not being readable is probably just from the style sheets.
Not Solved
Yes, your conclusion that the cookie settings are alright sounds reasonable, because else you would have to login for every page change.

It's quite unsatisfactory that we cannot find a source for this behaviour. Anyhow, succes with your further work.
Regards, Ad Bakker (NL)

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