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Not Solved [How To?] disable the need for passwords to change an email
Not Solved
I am making this thread because my old thread was in the wrong section and was over 2 years old and was about a different subject. My last attempt at this thread was closed due to a misunderstanding.

Is there any way to disable needing of password to set or change a user's email from the User CP? The reason I ask is because we use the steam login plugin, and while using that your password is set to something that you don't know because you only log in through Steam. I would like people to be able to set their email so they can receive notifications and private messages if they want but seeing as how the password is set to something that they don't know it is not possible. is there any way to edit a file to disable needing a password? I assume there is some way to do this using the templates but I have no idea.

also I posted this from my phone so please excuse any spelling or grammar errors.
Not Solved
Only editing the core. A plugin will require to duplicate some code which IMO is unnecessary if using something like Patches.
Not Solved
there is no php file I could comment out a few lines on and it would work?
Not Solved
In usercp.php find:
if(validate_password_from_uid($mybb->user['uid'], $mybb->get_input('password')) == false)


Would be the easiest.

Note that this could be seen as a potential security concern for your users. You should consider noting this publicly in your forum.

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