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[For 1.8] [Websocket] Miuna Shoutbox 9.0.0
Hi martec, unfortunately when is necessary to make an account on OpenShift

"1 - Create account in Openshift"

The link is redirected to this: and here there is a disclaimer on bottom:
[Image: bohCgqh.png]

The message is clear. If you click on "Learn more..." at the end you arrive on this page: but the problem is that at least it's possible to register with a GitHub account but they give resource access in 30 days, only when these become available.
[Image: PT7QPIR.png]

There is an alternative this OpenShift or a way to avoid this?

work fine with heroku + mlab

i will update first post soon (in some days) with setup guide using heroku.
i tried on heruko don't work =\
(2016-08-23, 05:48 AM)mrdlib Wrote: i tried on heruko don't work =\

you need wait setup guide...
probably you made some mistake.
in my test forum, i already using heroku + mlab and working fine.
@martec seem not possible to install mLab without adding a valid credit card
[Image: ZeYsocj.png]
How install Miuna Shoutbox Server in Heroku:

1 - Create account in mlab
1.1 - After created account in mlad click in "create new"
[Image: nZR1K6t.png]

2 - Now create database
2.1 - You can select amazon, google or microsoft provider (your choice)
2.2 - Now select single-node
2.3 - Now select Sandbox
2.4 - In database-name (you can put what you want. e.g. miuna)
2.5 - In last "Create new MongoDB deployment"
[Image: j4KUVcf.png]

3- After created databse you will see something below:
[Image: 8uzAeak.png]

3.1 - Click the database, and note the connection URI in notepad
[Image: RxaXr7a.png]

3.2 - Now, create a user so the app can connect to the database:
[Image: 0WUkGTK.png]

3.3 - Will appear popup like below (complete tex field, don't mark read-only)
[Image: Pxwedpw.png]

3.4 - Replace <dbuser> and <dbpassword> of step 3.1 with what you specified in Step 3.3.

4 - Create account in heroku
4.1 - Access link
4.2 - Will open new page (app name is optional)
4.3 - go to "Config Variables"
4.4 - In value past value of step 3.4 (<dbuser> and <dbpassword> replaced with specified in Step 3.3)
4.5 - check several times if there are no blank space in before first character and after last character of steps 4.4 (if you made some mistake here shoutbox not will work)
4.6 - Click in "Deploy for Free"
[Image: jZU2UpT.png]

4.7 - Click in "View"
[Image: XJ8HKDj.png]

4.8 - Now go to step 6 of "How install Miuna Shoutbox Server in Openshift:" of first post and skip step 12 and 13.

How Install plugin:

In configuration of plugin:

Yes in "Enable Miuna Shoutbox?"

Link to Miuna Shoutbox server: past here address that you copied in step 11. Something like

Ps. Without slash after link address:
Address to Miuna Shoutbox server past here address that you copied in step 11. Something like wss://

check several times if there are no blank space in before first character and after last character in Link to Miuna Shoutbox server and address:

Miuna Shoutbox Secret: Samething of you puted in step 9
Hi martec, in my forum chat worked until this morning then it stop. I tried to restart applications and reinstall plugin but it doesn't work. What can I do?
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Thanks hyper shoutbox >3
Thanks, worked perfectly Big Grin
9.0.0 Released: (Maintenance release)

Quote:This version not work with Miuna Shoutbox Server 8.0 or below, you need upgrade Miuna Shoutbox Server to 9.0. You need delete application in openshift or Heroku and create again with 9.0. If you using Heroku you can use same database of mlab that you created in 8.0.
Quote:Installation of Miuna Shoutbox Server 9.0 is different of 5.4 or below. So you need read first post again before install Miuna Shoutbox Server 9.0

Change logs:
- Several bugs fix.
- Several security patch.
- Update dependencies.

Upgrade from 8.0.0:

Upgrade Miuna Shoutbox Server to 9.0.
Unistall old version, upload new version and install.

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