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If needed, my forum is at

Recently upgraded to 1.8...

I've since had two different people...who were attempting to register for my forum...get this error:

Please correct the following errors before continuing:
  • Javascript is not active, please activate Javascript for registration!
Both individuals were technically savvy enough to confirm that Javascript was in fact active on their system.

I followed up by having them go to which also confirmed that Javascript was active on their systems.

One user was on a Windows 7 platform...and had the same error in both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The other user had 3 different Windows 8.1 systems...and both Internet Explorer v11 and Chrome v40.

To get around the problem, I simply created a forum account through the admin control panel for both individuals and they were both able to log in and use the forum with no problems.

How do I make sure no other new users have problems registering for my forum?
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that is not a MyBB related error... i would believe a plugin causing this... disable all plugins and ask those members to try registering again...

Admin CP >> Configuration >> General Configuration >> Disable All Plugins >> Yes
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Thanks mmadhankumar.

You were right...and I found the source of the problem...

Javascript Bot Protection (1.1)
Plugin, that prohibits bots from registering using a hidden field that filled by Javascript. As long as bots don't parse Javascript, this can be used as a replacement for captchas.
Created by Paul Wiedebusch

Once I disabled this plugin, users no longer got the Javascript error.

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