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How can I create a thread in all forums, including future forums, to lock and archive old topics? This thread is for all forums for a place to throw in all old topics but old topics in that forum... sorry if its confusing.. I will explain further... What I mean is that each and every forum will have a lock and archive thread to throw in all old(I deem it old)topics for that forum. Do you understand? If you did not, please tell me in this thread and I will explain it for you.

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I think you need a task to automatically move older subjects (not replyed since your delay) and lock them.
If you want multiple archive (one by section ?), you'll have to create a plugin to manage the from/to correspondance.

Something quite simple should be to just move the threads (and lock them) and modify their subjects (add the initial forum it where in ?) to only one forum.

After having the idea to have a look in the mods: can help you as an example. It prune the oldest threads, it's quite easy to modify and move / close subject.

If you want one archive forum by section or forum, you'll have to add a setting (target forum)
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What do you mean "add a setting(target forum)"?

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