OUGC Profile Fields Categories
Hi! Just dropping by to reconfirm my interest in this plugin Smile
[Image: Zcz1gZM.png]
Super interested in this, too!
four years later, me too!
I will be updating and releasing this in the coming weeks, if you could assist me with any issues you find which aren't already mentioned.


Edit: I will be updating this along an update to RateU's profile fields plugin to make both work together.
Hi, I updated this today, I think it works quite nice along RateU's plugin, which I also updated.

Note that you should be able to use OUGC Profile Fields Categories by itself, and I won't recommend using my update to RateU's plugin within a live forum without testing beforehand.

The attached images were taken using both plugins but its appearance was similar without RateU's plugin.

I have added the GitHub repository link for both plugins in the main post.

Eventually I would like to add a file type for profile fields, so administrators will be able to create file type profile fields for images, shareable files, etc. It is currently possible to use profile fields for customizing profiles on a per use basis, but I dislike the fact that images need to be either embedded from outside sources or separated plugins. This might end up being a different plugin altogether tho.


Update: Screenshots moved to the main post.
This plugin causes all custom fields to disappear from UCP>Edit Profile instead of having them show up in different categories there. This unfortunately makes it unusable for me.

Would also be great if the category of the custom field showed up in the list view of all custom fields.

(Also, "Submit" is spelled wrong when creating a new custom field category.)
You need to place {$GLOBALS['profiecats']->output['n']} (where n is the category id, in your templates as printed in the categories page.

By taking a quick look it seems you need to move all existing fields to a new category for them to be visible. The plugin should do this upon installation but it doesn't, I will get into that eventually.
Using {$GLOBALS['profiecats']->output['n']} in UCP>Profile causes users to be unable to save updates to their fields... a huge issue since having a field included in a category causes it not to appear in {$customfields}.

ETA: It looks like even if no categories are assigned, when this plugin is enabled, {$customfields} do not save when updating Profile from UCP. :/ So basically, as soon as the plugin is enabled, updating profile from UCP doesn't work, even with no template changes made.
It is possible that recent versions have made some changes to profile fields code. If this is the case, I would need to review the plugin. Please note that this plugin has never been officially released but is still one of my pending plugins.
Do you have any idea what in the code might cause this issue? I understand this plugin was never formally completed or released, but it'd be a huge, huge help if I could get it working, even on my own. My board utilises a ton of custom fields and having some way to organise them would really be amazing. I'm honestly really perplexed this isn't a built-in feature of myBB.

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