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Hello! Just wanted to say that I’m still very interested in this add on coming to life Smile
[Image: Zcz1gZM.png]
I will try to review this plugin in the following days, I'm not ignoring comments, it is just a matter of time management.
Hi, I did push an update to the repository, this should work on MyBB 1.8.23 with PHP 7.0+

Please do test it so I can release it.
Awesome work, thanks! Getting the following error on a clean install, running 1.8.24 and PHP 7.1.33, whenever I try to activate the plugin. I've dropped the files in a second time, to make sure they were all uploaded and still getting this:

[Image: 47ff4ba16a1030d43f18202f2b9826b9.png]
[Image: Zcz1gZM.png]
I will fix the empty message but it should be because you need PluginLibrary as well.
yup! Once I added the PluginLibrary it worked! Looks good. Playing with it and everything seems to be working perfectly Smile
[Image: Zcz1gZM.png]
Hi, I did release this plugin.

For future support please follow the next link.

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