Not Solved How do i put custom check on each forum?
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How easy is it to set up a check, on/off or a value on each forum and check for it in the templates?

maybe some one has a plugin i can copy?
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Sorry, I don't understand what you mean.

Could you please include screen shots showing what you wish to achieve.

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if i would like to have an ON/OFF or value switch for how many subforums a forum can display, how can i insert a value in the ACP

and then call a conditional in the templates?

Hope thats clear Toungue

there is any overall forum option for how many subforums can show "ontheindex" but i need more forum control here Toungue
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I still don't get it.. Can you elaborate a little more?
[Image: attachment.php?aid=10]
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hmmm, every forum has these switches that activate or set a value

I just need to learn how to generate a few custom ones !!

so i need the input field in the ACP, store it in the database, and be able to retrieve that value in the templates

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