Donation Goal/Bar Plugin
I don't know how this has not been created yet, I could swear it was.
It's a customizable donation plugin that allows you to display your donators and amounts as well as your monthly goal and what you have received so far.

I know there is a plugin out there that accepts donations, I know there is a plugin that has a donation bar. But what I'm looking for is exactly like this, that allows you to display the user that donated and how much he/she donated.

Has this never been created throughout the entire history of MyBB?

Examples: (For the donation goal, on the left side) (For the users that have donated)
^ PHP-Fusion (the only site I could find using it)

XenForo version:
PHP-Fusion version:
SMF version:

I think this concept originated from vBulletin.
That's for 1.8 though. Sad
I'm going to be using this on a 1.6 forum. It's more secure stable and extendable.
did you look into their 1.6 section...
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