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Hello @ll,

In ACP I can give a group specific legal rights. I want that a certain group can not edit your own posts.

Edit User Group/Forums and Posts/Editing/Deleting Options

Can edit own posts?

If I take out the tick and save, he can still edit his thread..

What is going wrong?

There is also the possibility (since they are 1 user is in a particular group) otherwise the edit to deprive the user rights?

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Is that user in multiple groups?
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re ThemeFreaknet,
yes in 2 groups.
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Mybb (unfortunately) does not have a never permission.

Therefore, all yes permissions override nos AS A GENERAL RULE

Here's the permission chain in forums:

Super Admin --> MyPermissions (Plugin) --> Moderator Permissions --> Forum Permissions --> Usergroup Permissions (yes) --> Usergroup Permissions (no)
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