Cloud Plugin
I need one Cloud Plugin for my MyBB Forum.  You can see a sample of this plug in here.

It is know as "Cloud Plugin by Remshad Medappil" in this website. I need a Similar one.

Thank you.
that plugin was made for an earlier version of MyBB and looks like it is not available.
which version of MyBB you are using and can you tell us what exactly you need

have you seen MyBB-Tags plugin for MyBB 1.8.x
I am using the latest version of MyBB
In the above you can see it is automatically creating some Tags  and that one seems to be delivering more traffic to the Forum.

See this link :

When I google "5 pen pc seminar topics plugin" I am getting above link in the 2nd position.  That one from a Cloud Tags. I am not sure how they made it? I suspect it is using some Cloud Tags plugin .

i am remshad medappil .. i would like to sell the above noted plugin ... which i made with my hand .....

reply here if u want it really ..... (important : you cant sell or share the plugin to anyone)

May I know how much is the cost?
only 100$

the plugin does not have public version ....
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