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Layout for a children's game

I currently help run a children's (well, now it's more like young adult) horse RPG that's been in existence since 2011 or so. We've been using B2G as our forms for the entire time, but the issues with this system has lead us to seek other avenues. I found MyBB and I've tried to make a layout that looks exactly like our current one so the transition from B2G to MyBB is a little smoother.

The issue is that I don't have the time or knowledge to transfer the layout over. The other issue is this game is 100% free. Like, we don't even get money from advertisements. The three co-owners use our own money to buy the domain and hosting and members contribute nothing. And since we're all your typical mid-20's just-finishing-up-school people we can't afford to hire someone.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to do some work pro-bono? We would do everything we could to compensate - leave links to your services, give reviews, and if you have a "donate" button we can ask members to donate a few dollars here or there. In the past they've expressed interest in helping if they could, but we've never tried to collect money before.

If anyone is interested please let me know! The layout is fairly simple, I'm just not familiar enough with the coding.
I have some jobs right now, but I will do what I can. Just give me url and I will see what I can Smile

I done some designs before, and I'm familiar with html and css so I can help with design, but not with jQuery / JavaScript or plugins.
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You can see my paid services here.
I have done a few themes, and I am able to make forum and site match up pretty well. Do you have an url?
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