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Drip content / Topics
I am looking for a coder to write some code (I'll call it a Mod), to drip my topics so that registered users will see:

Topic 1 on registration day,
Topic 2 one week after registration,
Topic 3 two weeks after registration,
Topic 4, three weeks after registration,
and so on.

All forum permissions to remain the same. The mod only sets visibility of a topic's contents, as per the above.

Suggested flow:

1. Step 1: I (super admin) can create topics with the option to "Display to users of [group drop down list], [x number of days] after user is added to the group."

2. Step 2: I add a [hide] shortcode to topics to indicate what content must be hiiden. All Topic content after the shortcode is effected by the mod so that it hides content until the number of days set for the topic has passed - then it becomes visible to the user registered with the group.

Suggested way to calculate the days

Today's date - Date user was added to the selected group = number of days.
If result > number of days, then display content, else hide.
If content is hidden, display an inline note that says, "This content will be hidden for [x number of] days."


The mod must survive MYBB upgrades. This may require the creation of separate tables in the DB -or a flat file in own folder? (Flat file preferred. ) I am capable of cutting and pasting code into files such as a header, footer, etc. -as per instruction. This may save on programming?

Feel free to PM me if you are interested and want to quote on this.


This topic is resolved and is now closed.

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